If you use Campground Master as your Property Management System, you can connect your local software to our Online Booking Engine

One of the Challenges of connecting your local installed property management system to an online reservation system is the problem with double booking. The online bookings can occur at the same time as front office bookings, and it is difficult to keep the online availability up-to-date, allowing the online booking engine to sell the same time slot to another guest. This creates a very unpleasant issue for the local park operator because one of the two guests is going to be unhappy.

Some parks have tried to manage the double booking risk by setting aside inventory for online bookings, but such a strategy increases the risk of unsold inventory because the park must anticipate the number of sales coming through both channels and the manual movement of inventory from one channel to another is time consuming, often resulting in guests receiving a “no availability” message online when availability actually exists.

Leisure Interactive and Campground Master have joined forces to create a two-way interface where the local property management system links to Leisure’s online reservation system and the two systems synchronize on a regular basis. This technology greatly reduces the chances of double booking since the integration logic performs the following tasks:

  • Leisure’s online booking engine passes the order date, site number, consumer information and other variables to Campground Master to prevent re-keying
  • Campground Master records the online reservation number into its record as a reference between the two systems
  • Campground Master sends recent reservations booked locally to the online booking engine to update availability

The two-way integration solves the problem of availability management and provides a workable solution to manage the risk of double bookings between the local property management system and the online booking engine.

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